Noveon Podiatric Laser

Noveon-device-operator-250We are pleased to off the Noveon® laser which represents the finest treatment for onychomycosis.  Twice as effective as other laser therapies, its uniqueness lies in the fact that it harnesses a proprietary near-infrared photo-inactivation effect to achieve the elimination of fungi, while preserving healthy tissue and advancing the recovery process with virtually no side effects.

Other lasers start with technologies that have been available for 40 years, and that have been primarily used to cut and cauterize human tissues.  In contrast, the Noveon laser was specifically designed with toenail fungus treatment as the goal.  With its unique patented dual wavelength platform  and photobiology, the Noveon laser is unparalleled in its technology, ease of use, and effectiveness.

We are the first mobile service company in Wisconsin to offer the Noveon laser to you and your patients on a convenient, per procedure rental basis.

Once you learn how you can maximize treatment outcomes, you’ll discover how we can help you increase your patient volume and improve your earnings.  Consultations are welcome.

Thank you for your consideration of this breakthrough technology, and we look forward to the opportunity to serve you and your patients.

Noveon® Laser

LTS is pleased to be the only vendor that offers the Noveon® Laser in SE Wisconsin.  Renting from LTS eliminates the risk associated with capital expenditures…

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