Before and After

Before and After: Clearer Nails with Noveon Podiatric Laser

 The Noveon Podiatric Laser has been successfully used to treat toenail fungus in patients with all levels of severity. Nearly 85% of them have shown success with the laser.

As these time-lined photos indicate, patients have achieved remarkable results with the Noveon within only a few months (it takes time for clear, fungus-free nail tissue to grow out).

The Noveon results have been published twice in the Journal of the American Podiatric Medical Association, among other peer-reviewed journals. Click here for a complete list of publications.

Patient 1


Patient 2


Patient 3


Patient 4

Severe Onychomycosis case. Patient required a fourth treatment on Day 120. This photo is at Day 150 from start of treatments.


Patient 5



Patient 6


Patient 7


Patient 8

200 days. 4 hands free treatments on an 80 year old male


Patient 9


Patient 10


Patient 11


Patient 12

180 day progression after 4 treatments with Noveon Podiatric Laser.


Patient 13

200 day progression after 4 treatments with Noveon Podiatric Laser on all affected toes.


Latest News

“… [the data] gives strong indication that the Noveon laser offers a unique, low-risk option to potentially eliminate and then control the infecting fungal agent.”

  • Infection rates continued to drop even 150 days after the last laser therapy
  • 85% of toenails showed measurable clear nail growth at Day 180
  • Nails continue to clear at 270 days
  • A higher percentage of patients attained a ‘‘clinical cure’’ at day 270

Excerpts from JAPMA publications May 2010March 2012.

Noveon Laser Description

The Noveon Podiatric Laser is a medical laser used for treating podiatry and dermatology conditions.

The Noveon uses a patented dual-wavelength laser technology that precisely targets nail fungus cells. The laser light disrupts fungal cell metabolism causing cell death. The Noveon’s method of action is photobiology, not heat.

The Noveon clinical results have been published twice in peer-reviewed journals: 180-day results270-day results. Results from a 2011 Trade Study have also been published.

The Noveon has received 510(k) clearance from the US FDA.